From our generous pension to hybrid working, we offer a great range of benefits to help make your working life better.

Our benefits* and people policies are there to support you; whatever you’re going through in life, you’ll feel like you work for an organisation that cares. We look at what our people need to do their best work and keep these under review to make sure they deliver real impact.

Your wellbeing really matters to us. So when you join the CIPD, you’ll see that we have a range of things in place to support your physical health, mental health and financial health, as well as activities and groups to help you connect with other people in the organisation.

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*Our total benefits package varies across our international locations.

National work life week is really important because it helps you in developing your skills and engaging in activities outside and within work to help you grow. I hurt my leg a couple of weeks ago and the fact is me as a person, my immediate first thought is I can't walk, second thought what am I going to do about work. In my previous roles this would be quite bad, I would probably have to stay at home and not do my job and it would kind of set me back. But here at CIPD it's quite nice that I have flexible working - I didn't have to panic for one second.

So, this year I started learning to drive which is an absolutely brand-new skill for me and it is pretty challenging to combine taking lessons during the day, full-time work and adult responsibilities. So, working in a flexible way at the CIPD, it gives me an opportunity to take lessons late in the afternoon.

I feel proud to work at the CIPD because our work supports so many people doing jobs that intrinsically at a very deep level make differences in a positive way to people's lives. More and more people every single day are getting the opportunity to come to work feeling supported and have their lifestyle supported whilst they're in work delivering and performing for organizations.

Both of those things can work together, they shouldn't be a trade-off, so that's why I think it's really important we here at CIPD are committed to a work culture that has the values of equality, diversity and inclusion at its core and our employee resources groups support this directly. They are led by our people on a voluntary basis to engage, educate and empower us all here at CIPD to learn more and create a safe space for others to learn from lived experience on several matters regarding inclusion, diversity, and equality.

Working at the CIPD gives me a sense of fulfilment, cause not only am I able to display and hone my social media skills which I'm very passionate about, but I also feel like I'm making a difference in the world of work. Black History Month is something I'm very passionate about and I'm proud to be working on it again this year. To me the CIPD tagline of ‘championing better work and working lives’ means being a part of the change and advocating for better workplaces for myself and family and friends.

What makes me feel proud to work at the CIPD is its purpose - better work and working lives - I can't think of anything better that I'd rather work for. National work life week and what I love about it is the fact it gives me a chance to reflect on the great things around my job, one of which is the flexibility so I can spend time with my family and get my job done. It's the opportunity to train and develop people. One of the courses I've done personally is a coaching course which I undertook to help develop my skills in the area of coaching - being able to utilize that in some of the aspects of my role.

National work life week is very important to me because it helped me on the road to recovery here at the CIPD. National work life week is important for me because it supports my well-being, physical, social, and mental well-being. It also gives me an opportunity to learn develop and grow in my role. National work life week is a time for me to be able to display my abilities in social media and display all the different projects we have going on across the organization. It's actually a great opportunity to learn more about groups such as the employee resource group and other communities at work here at CIPD.

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