Our purpose is to champion better work and working lives and we work with the people profession to achieve that. People professionals face greater challenges than ever before. For over 100 years we’ve played a critical role in helping them to tackle those challenges. We’ve been there to support and inspire them to make work better.

But we know we can do more. We believe that if we can reach and connect with more people and more organisations, we can have a greater positive impact on individuals, organisations, communities and wider society.

We have six customer groups and we're working to increase our positive impact across all of these groups.

Every person in our organisation, together with our partners, associates and volunteers, has a part to play in achieving our goal to increase our impact on work and working lives.

When you join us you’ll learn more about who our customers are, what we’re doing to understand their needs and what we’re doing to meet them. We collaborate across teams to ensure we’re always thinking ‘customer first’.

Meet Anastasiya, a bursary recipient working with us through RefuAid

The war in the Ukraine has displaced so much of the civilian population. Read more about how we were able to help Anastasiya transfer her skills and become accredited so she can continue to build her career in the UK.

Check out the work we're doing with global brands

Our Head of Employer Solutions, Adam Stanbury, demonstrates the impact of working with top level government organisations around the globe.

"We have the opportunity to shape 1000s of people's lives by ensuring great people practices."

Our work globally goes from strength to strength

We're working with the Dubai Police force to roll out a new pilot for our Foundation Certificate in People Practice. Best of all, it's available in Arabic.

One of the challenges that I’ve faced has been ensuring that I build up the credibility of being an HR professional despite my age. However, being on the CIPD qualification and studying the units and covering off professional practice to employment law and reward and resourcing has helped give me a base understanding and helped me develop my credibility within my role and with the team around me. As well as so they look at me now not just as a young HR manager but as an HR professional in my own right.

Being a CIPD member enhances your crew in a number of different ways, I think it certainly enhances your networking opportunities, it helps you understand best practice within HR, it provides unparalleled resources to help you with your own personal development and I think it helps you as well in the in the wider world of work.

I think people recognize that CIPD status and I think it adds value to your cv and I think it adds value to you as a as an HR professional and practitioner. I’m really glad that I’ve studied an HR qualification with CIPD and I feel it's helped me become a better hr professional; it's helped me be a more credible HR professional and it's helped me feel really good about myself and the profession in the career that I’ve got ahead of me.