As well as meaningful work that makes a difference, when you join us you'll find there's much more on offer at the CIPD to make your working life better. You’ll be joining a community of people that really care about the work we do to improve working lives.

We work hard to create an environment where people can do their best work and feel they belong. And we all recognise that our strength comes from having diverse voices, experiences and backgrounds in the room.

We have a people-centric culture which means we appreciate that your wellbeing is intrinsically linked to your performance. Our people value the flexibility they have to deliver the best outcomes for our customers, and this is built on foundations of trust.  

Flexible and hybrid working

At the CIPD we operate a hybrid working environment. This means you might spend some of your time in the office and some remotely at home. How this will work for you depends on your job role and on the needs of the business, your team and your customers. You’ll work with your manager to agree what this looks like and take into account your personal needs. This might look different for people in other teams, but having a people-centric culture means we don’t take a ’one size fits all’ approach.

From day one you’ll also be able to talk about flexible working. It might be that you need to pick up children from school, or you need to fit in an appointment, and you’ll work with your manager to agree any flexibility that you need. Again, it will depend on your role and the needs of your customers. When you apply you can tell us about any requirements you have for flexible working so we can talk about options for making it work for you and our organisation.  

Employee resources groups

Our employee resource groups are led by our people and help to create a culture of allyship and inclusivity across our organisation. The groups are led and participated in by people who share or support an aspect of diversity, for example ethnicity or religious affiliation. They provide support and create a safe space where our people can share and discuss issues related to inclusion and help influence change.

Wellbeing support champions

Your wellbeing matters and our menopause champions and mental health champions are there for when you need support, have questions or want to find out about resources available to you. Our champions offer a place to go if you just need to talk and are trained to help signpost you to the right information. They can share some of the fantastic resources that we create for organisations and people professionals, and guides for individuals and managers.

CIPD activities

Feeling connected at work is important and working in a hybrid way can make that more challenging. We work hard to provide a range of activities you can sign up to and get involved in to help you get to know your colleagues and provide a break from work. We have a weekly online yoga class, social committee, book club and a choir. Everyone is welcome to join and take part in our groups, no matter your level of experience or ability.